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Teresa Hand-Campbell | Director of THC Consult

Teresa Hand-Campbell is the Founder and Director of THC Consult, an Ireland-based company with a global reach. As an Occupational Psychologist, Educationist, Business Executive Coach and certified Mediator, she educates, motivates and inspires her clients on their journey to achieving optimum potential.

An Associate of Career Decisions, Ireland’s Best Professional Services Company (National Guaranteed Irish Awards 2022) Teresa’s solid impact as Expert Advisor and Motivator is noteworthy.

Teresa Hand-Campbell

Teresa specialises in all aspects of behaviour, relations, motivation and engagement at work, facilitating executive coaching, training, teamwork, career progression, recruitment drives, action mapping and strategic planning with organisations, large and small, across both private and public sectors. She has successfully coached over 400 Senior Executives and continues to lecture to Masters level in Leadership & Management in the Workplace at University of Limerick. A WRAW Master Practitioner (Workplace Resilience And Wellbeing), Teresa is also a multi-science analyst using DISC and is a registered Test User (1 & 2) with the British Psychological Society.

A keynote speaker, Teresa delivers inspiring bespoke Talks and Training to audiences of all sizes around key topics of interest, most notably: ‘Approaches to Co-Creating a Great Place to Work’, ‘Effective Communication at Work’, ‘The Leaders’ Role in Staff Resilience’, ‘Conflict Management: A Local Solution to a Local Problem’, ‘The Complete Leader in a Virtual World’, ‘Achieving Work-Life Integration’, ‘Emotional Intelligence as the Modulator of Stress among Leaders in the Workplace’ to name but a few.

An Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine, Teresa is a prolific writer;her most recent Case Study and bespoke Recommendations, entitled: ‘Building a Culture to Grow & Thrive’ was undertaken for Catalyst Clinical Research, a large, multi-award winning clinical development organisation with headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Teresa’s motto: ‘Knowing ME: Understanding YOU’ rests on her belief that to know oneself is to ensure true understanding of others we come in contact with.

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