The Wellbeing Formula

We are all on an ongoing journey of self-discovery in a bid to find the right balance in every aspect of our lives. This applies to every one of us, regardless of the position we hold in the workplace, regardless of where we are at in life’s journey.

Let’s start at the beginning to ensure your destination is Success and Wellbeing!

Knowing ME: Understanding YOU underlies our work on ‘Wired for Success’, here at Total Human Capital. If I understand myself, my strengths and my challenges, my values, my goals, my vision, I can roadmap that journey with precision.

The alternative is self-limiting beliefs which hold us back and tell us we are powerless to change so it is pointless trying.


Understanding Change

Introducing Immunity to Change Mapping as practice for individuals & organisations.

In a nutshell, the Immunity to Change approach is designed to shine a light on the hidden parts of us, our unconscious drivers. In spite of living in a rapidly changing world, we often encounter resistance to change within ourselves and others.

You can view a full recording of this webinar on our dedicated youtube channel

Roadmapping Your Wellbeing Journey

Establishing a clearly defined purpose in life and work offers direction, traction, anchorage, a framework within which to battle and overcome challenges encountered and triumph. Inspiring you to optimise your potential on every level of precious life is our raison d’etre here at Total Human Capital.

Life without a clearly defined purpose is a life in freefall, rudderless and aimless, prone to unexpected mishaps, chaos and difficulty in re-tracking in times of misfortune.

You can view a full recording of this webinar on our dedicated youtube channel

The Wellbeing Formula

Autumn brings new beginnings for many, but it can also open us up to thoughts of a deeper nature. What does this new beginning offer me? Am I ready for what’s to come? Am I good enough to handle the challenge?

With so many of us struggling with self-imposed, limiting beliefs, I want to invite you to the first in a series of free Webinars around mindsets, and how an understanding of how the brain works can be the turning point on your journey to self-belief and success in life and in the workplace.

You can view a full recording of this webinar on our dedicated youtube channel


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