Leaderships styles spring from different components of emotional intelligence, spanning achievement drive, self-control, empathy, change orientation, relationship building capacity, collaboration, conscientiousness and self-awareness.

This Talk may be tailored to your organisation’s particular needs at this point in its development. Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Commanding, Pace-setting and Democratic styles evoke varying responses in the modern workplace when used singularly or in concert. Adaptive Leadership, on the other hand, promotes ‘Sharing Responsibility among all leaders in the workplace for the Future Direction of your Organisation’.

Areas addressed include:

  • Focus shift from the ‘leader’ to the ‘success of the organisation’,
  • Sharing of information and resources across the organisation,
  • Encouraging innovation,
  • Mentoring and coaching,
  • Continuous critical appraisal towards constant growth,
  • Distributing leadership through delegating, supporting and nurturing talent,
  • Encouraging and rewarding dedication to organisational success,
  • Looking to the bigger picture, while learning from challenges along
    the way.

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Teresa Hand-Campbell is founder and Director of THC Consultancy Ltd. (Total Human Capital) based in the Midlands of Ireland.  She has over 30 years’ experience in professional leadership roles across both public and private organisations and is highly regarded for her work as a motivational speaker, business executive coach and career progression planner.

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