For the attention of Leaders and Followers

This Talk/Workshop seeks to get past the definitions of workplace ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’, Laws and Acts, to drill down to the reality experienced in workplaces in the stranglehold of debilitating toxicity and to consider strategies and actions to co-create a bi-directional flow of goodwill, care and consideration between management, staff and students, which will ultimately transform the entire ‘culture’ of the workplace

Key areas covered will include:

  • Organisational awareness,
  • Understanding ‘self’ and the importance of core values,
  • The leader-follower dynamic,
  • The toxic triangle and negative consequences that result from a confluence of destructive leadership, susceptible followers and conducive environments,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Facilitating difficult dialogues,
  • Separating assumptions/biases from facts and navigating the triggering events cycle.

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